Skip middleman. Hire professionals.

Welcome, we are Coduo. We develop web applications using latest technologies, all BDD flavored. Why? Because we care. You should also. We can put your business idea to life ensuring the application is well written, testable and easy to extend. We love to simplify things and that is our greatest advantage.

Philosophy of work

We chose open source software and we give back to the community.

We like working together, know our strengths and weaknesses as a team and that allow us to create great products. We are great at identifying business needs of our clients and working with them directly to achieve their happiness.

We work from coffee places, our houses and coworking places. We feel that when you have a choice where or when to work, it makes you more productive. Sticking to strict places and office hours is the past and we know it. We move forward.

Product delivery process

We use top notch Behavior Driven Development, which focus on business needs and communication. Automated test suite comes for free. We find it most efficient process.

Stop wasting money on bug fixes, make things right from the beginning.

We use Continuous Delivery to automate all the things. We make sure nothing unintended will even find its way to the code base or deploy environment. To make things smooth and agile, we also use scrum, where we deliver working product every two weeks. Don't tighten yourself to big contracts with agencies. Pay by the iteration.

Find us in Cracow, Poland

Technologies that we support:
Symfony Behat PHPSpec Mysql Travis CI Jenkins AngularJS